The Yard

The stables were designed for David Robinson (of Radio Rentals fame and leading owner in the UK in 1969) by Sir Albert Richardson (who also designed the Jockey Club rooms at Newmarket). They are brick built which ensures they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

We also have the New Stable Block it was built in 2013 to accommodate the increase in the number of horses we train. We added 25 new stables to take the yard's capacity to 43 stables.

We also have an Owners' Room in the new stable block where owners and visitors can relax and enjoy some light refreshments. There are a number of racing photos and articles on the wall as well as a DVD player to watch recordings of races.


We have a straight 5f Polytrack gallop which has a gentle incline over the last furlong. It is a kind surface for the horse and the combination of the gallop with the canter track allows us to train anything from sprinters to stayers.

As well as the main gallop we also have a 2 furlong circular canter track that was built by Softrack and leads directly on to the 5 furlong gallop. It is a very useful gallop for warming up horses before faster work or simply for giving the horses an easier day.


turn out

We have 16 turnout pens which we use to turn out horses after exercise to help them relax and to give them some grass to aid their digestive systems. Some horses prefer the pens to being turned out in a paddock. They have their own space but with a number of other horses in pens that have the "feel" of being in a herd.


We are big believers in allowing horses time out in the field and we are very lucky to have 18 turn-out paddocks which lets the horses relax after their efforts.


All Weather Arena

Our Olympic sized all weather area has recently undergone a complete resurface. We have added the increasingly popular surface, ''Carpet fibre''. The arena is a great addition to the yard as this is where we warm our horses up every morning before cantering. This gives us a chance to ensure all horses are happy within themselves and give each rider there instructions for the work ahead. 

Within our arena we have a lunge pit. This is a perfect place to give horses a lunge that are coming back into work from a long lay off or when first being broken in.



The covered 6 horse walker was built by Monarch and is invaluable to the warming up and warming down of horses.
We use the walker everyday off the year.

We use the small river which flows through the property as a natural "water walker". On the way back from exercise the horses can walk through the river which helps cools legs and acts as a relaxant for the horse.


stalls and hurdles

We have a set of BHA regulation starting stalls for our young horses to learn how to jump from them before they race or to simply give older horses a quick refresh to sharpen them up.



We also have a brand new set of schooling hurdles. They are lovely strong schooling hurdles, perfect for teaching young horses to jump or simply give more experienced jumpers a quick refresh .