When timing is everything, be ahead of the field

Racing is all about marginal gains where even the smallest detail can have a huge impact.  Regardless of grade, surface or discipline, having accurate and meaningful data to back up the trainer's observations and expertise gives you and your horse the edge, ensuring it is in peak physical condition come race day and in good health throughout it's training programme. Here at Mike Murphy Racing we are constantly striving to improve that's why we have recently invested in a Equinity training system. Below is some information from the Equinity website on the technology we are using to aid us in our quest for success.

Sectional Timing and Recovery in Real-Time

Using the equinITy App, the trainer and anyone else the data is shared with can be at the track/gallop-side observing live sectional timing along with speed, stride and heart rate data, assessing exactly how the exercise has gone and how the horse recovers afterwards, long before the debrief from the work rider.

Comprehensive and Interactive Post-Work Analysis

Whilst live-streaming provides powerful real-time data, sometimes a much more detailed analysis is required to closely analyse the finer details of exercise.  equinITy provides a rich, graphical reporting platform, allowing every aspect of the exercise to be scrutinised in detail including speed, location, heart rate, recovery times, weather conditions, sectional times and much more.  You can even playback exercises in real-time or accelerated using both the equinITy web system and on-the-go via the App.


As your database grows over time, this unlocks the power of the Comparisons feature.  Using this tool, you can compare exercises from either the same horse over time and different horses that may not have even exercised together.  This allows you to assess a given horse over time or perhaps compare with your star performer in the yard.